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    Someone's new t7

    Hurst, Texas
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    Someone's new t7

    someone's new t7 being assembled at dealership
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    Someone's new T 7

    If you bought your t7 from Freedom Powersports in Hurst Texas this is your bike being put together the guy was taking his time and being careful. The red looks better in person than I thought
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    Someone's new T 7

    someone's new t7 being assembled at dealership
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    Your favorite color?

    Which color do you like? If they were only able to get the color you don't like, would you still get one? I was dead-set on that white with red accents. But...the blue is starting to grow on me. I'd take either color if it came down to it.
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    Ryan Fortnine says, "Anybody want to buy a GS?"

    I Love his videos! Saw this the day it came out and it compelled me to check out the T7 sooner.
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    New to this forum test rode T7 today

    My first message here: I've been a 4 year or so member of the Super Tenere forum using the same user name. I've had both the first gen. Super Tenere (2012) and currently own a 2015. Soooo today went to the Yamaha dealership near me (Lone Star Yamaha) in Irving, Texas. They were the only...