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  1. Simmons1


    Around 300 or so less RPM at 60. It's a little less busy on the highway and still works good on dirt. $15 for a front sprocket and a few minutes to change.
  2. Simmons1


    I threw a 16 tooth on the front and have been very happy with the results.
  3. Simmons1

    T700 "Travel" Edition

    I don't believe the T7 is ride by wire.
  4. Simmons1

    Slow Start

    Looks like the new forum is off to a slow start. Must be most of the S10 folks have no interest in the T7. Looks like this forum has a big head start:
  5. Simmons1

    And yet another from the S10 Board

    Hoping this board turns out as great as the S10 board is. I was also one of the early birds on the other board. Still riding my Tsunami S10. The Gen 1 bikes aren't worth much and I still really like the bike so I will probably hang on to it for a long time.