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  1. Wintersdark

    Louder exhaust

    That's the stock kit. There's lots of alternative ways to mount it, and the link pipe is very long so you can move the can itself around in about a 2" circle. I for example mounted mine to my Heed rear crash bars:
  2. Wintersdark

    How many members still own the T7? How many are still going to buy one?

    Bought mine in September 2021, only have around 5k on it so far, but I just love it more and more all the time. Really great bike. Way better both on and off road than it has any right to be.
  3. Wintersdark

    Naked T7 love

    I couldn't do that to my baby as is. She's very pretty :) But if I did a bunch of damage to plastics? I'd just do this rather than paying for new plastics, because I'm probably going to just break it again. I ride my T7 hard, and am not particularly skilled offroad to start with. Would make...
  4. Wintersdark

    Naked T7 love

    So, I do really love how the T7 looks, but I'd be lying if I said this didn't appeal to me: I couldn't bring myself to do this to my bike as it stands now... But should it suffer significant damage to it's plastics? I'm not replacing them, I'm doing this. It looks mean, and dropping 60+...
  5. Wintersdark

    Tubeless conversion options

    I haven't had a flat in the past 10 years. Have to go back 20 for my last flat, and that was on an old tire (like 10+ year old tire). These days, my tires never last more than a year either, so they're always pretty fresh. Mind you, I rarely air them down, and when I do it's not to extreme...
  6. Wintersdark

    Louder exhaust

    It's pretty loud with the spark arrestor out on the stock exhaust, but sounds really good. I played with that a bit before going with the Huzar high exhaust myself too (400mm can) which, with no baffles, is actually a bit quieter than the uncorked stock exhaust. With both baffles in, it's...