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  1. Venture

    Off and running like a herd of turtles...

    When I first launched the S10 forum we did a bunch of giveaways to promote both sponsors and forum activity. If you see any compelling products let me know and I'll reach out to the suppliers and see if anybody is interested in something similar here.
  2. Venture

    Tenere 700 at Sturgis

    Word is Yamaha will have the T7 at Sturgis for test rides:
  3. Venture

    StefanonhisS10 (from the t12-forum) also here.

    Welcome! Same here, can't wait to ride one of these.
  4. Venture

    Tiger 900 VS T7?

    If anybody has had the opportunity to ride both a T7 and a Triumph Tiger 900 I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on how they compare.
  5. Venture

    The wait is over!! Tenere 700's will be here on the US dealer floors this Friday 22 May 2020!!!!

    Yeah, same here. I've swapped with friends a few times, but never somebody's brand new bike.
  6. Is the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Really So Special?

    Is the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Really So Special?

    Too portly, too big, too gimmicky, too…well, everything. Adventure bikes have gotten out of hand. Yamaha wants to change that by offering something just righ...
  7. Venture

    Ryan Fortnine says, "Anybody want to buy a GS?"

    Well, he did one! Ryan Fortnine did a T700 video, and it looks like it agrees with him.
  8. Venture

    Regional Forums Coming Soon!

    You rock, thanks a ton.
  9. Venture

    Read this if you're having trouble registering!

    If you're having any issues receiving your registration emails, do the following: 1. Check your SPAM folder first. The email may have went there. 2. If you're not seeing it at all, or are having other registration problems, send an email to REGISTRATION "AT" YAMAHATENERE700.COM. We'll check...
  10. Venture

    Welcome to the Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum!

    Welcome to our new creation! From the same forum team that has managed the Yamaha Super Tenere forum ( comes a dedicated forum for the Super Tenere's younger/smaller brother - the Tenere 700. I for one am immensely excited about this bike and what Yamaha has...
  11. T700_World_Raid.jpg


  12. Venture

    Regional Forums Coming Soon!

    The events section can be used for all discussion until we build out our regional forums. Feel free to post in here all your meet ups or other related events, big and small.
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    Note on Wanted...

    If you're looking to buy a specific item, post your request here. Please DO NOT post wanted requests in the For Sale section.
  14. Venture

    For Sale - Notes

    This board is for "regular folks" (not vendors) to sell various items. Please update your postings once the item is sold or otherwise no longer available. Vendors - please visit the vendor board and read the instructions there on how to post about your products in the vendors section.
  15. Venture

    Note to Vendors

    Vendors, if you want to post about your products in this board please first send Venture (me) a private message requesting a vendor badge. Once it is assigned to your profile you will be allowed to post in this section. To everybody else, this board is for Vendors only. If you are looking...
  16. Venture

    Notes on this board...

    This board is to post things you've learned that you feel would be helpful to others. Or, if you have a question, or want advice on riding technique, etc, post it in here.
  17. Venture

    Notes on this board...

    We all love luggage, so it gets its own specific board for discussion.
  18. Venture

    Notes about this board...

    This is your typical "ride reports" board. Tell us all about your travels here. In addition, the Media Gallery allows you to create personal albums if you want to upload sets of pics there for posterity.
  19. Venture

    Notes on this board...

    All, The general discussion board should be used for Tenere 700 specific chatter that doesn't belong in one of the other forums. If you're posting a specific question about something technical related, use the Tech sub forums to do that instead. Things that are ok to post here are general...