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    I'm so looking forward to this bike

    Liking the red on white. The similar scheme on the Gozzi V85TT has been dubbed the Coast Guard bike, even though the USCG uses orange.
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    Tiger 900 VS T7?

    I've sat on several variants of the Tiger 900 (there are something like 4-5) and been next to a T700. Very different. The Tiger is clearly more of a street bike with more girth and that bigger engine. The T700 by comparison is like a smaller thinner Africa Twin.
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    Tenere 700 at Sturgis

    Dirt Dad and I learned Saturday that deliveries in our area start this week. All pre-sold of course, but we should soon start to see them on the road.
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    Slow Start

    Might have something to do with no bikes available and most of the world shut down.