Alpine Loop, Ouray CO: Trip Report


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Quick Summary: Beautiful, moderately challenging in areas.

When: August 5, 2022
Direction: Corkscrew Gulch -> Red Mountain -> Hurricane Pass -> California Pass -> Silverton
Number of Riders: Solo
Ride time Top to Bottom: 1.5 hours depending on other Jeep traffic
Rider Skill Level: 50 years old, good physical shape, above average riding skillset
Motorcycle Setup: Bare setup (no luggage) on the T7 with 1.5L water. Ran low 30lbs on the tires (airing down would have helped).

General Route:
  • Entering Corkscrew Gulch you'll be in treeline. If there has been rain recently, expect moderately steep muddy uphills to contend with. Breaking treeline the trail becomes a narrow, steep, rocky in places, shelf road with switchbacks. Momentum and traction control techniques help here.
  • At the top there is a steep, short rocky offshoot trail that can also be done to get absolutely amazing views of Red Mountain and surrounding areas.
  • From here continue on towards Hurricane and California Pass. There is a portajon to use along the way. There are a couple of steep uphills with loose rock to contend with, one of them quite long that descending on takes good attention to detail. 360 views from California pass are magnificent.
  • Slight backtrack on route 10 to Silverton starts off with moderate descents on dirt / gravel to then join a well maintained gravel road all the way to Silverton.
  • If your trip allows, continues over California pass into Animus Forks (deserted but maintained ghost town). From there route over Engineers Pass for more views to end up in Lake City.

Have a Great Day!