A Mountain Pass.


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Not sure if this qualifies as a 'Tall Trail'
This is a section of the Ballaghabeama Pass in Co. Kerry, Ireland.
September 2021.



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Ah....Healy Pass, Beara Peninsular!
Lovely pics @electric_monk.
There's 4 nice west coast destinations on this years rally.
I'm thinking I'll fit Healy Pass in along the way.
Only rode it the once last year.

Only sensible to do it again...... 'tother way 'round!1646122391629.png


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@electric_monk Achill Henge was a Rally Point a few years back.
I wonder if you've taken a look at that?
Whether you agree with it being planted there or not, it's worth a visit and, pretty b###dy impressive for a weekends work without anyone spotting it being done!


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It's well over 10 years since I was around Achill, I don't remember hearing about it at the time so i've never seen it

Have a Great Day!