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Well, I typed a very interesting post about my first month of ownership of my T7, including beautiful pictures, that I can tell you. Maybe the best post ever posted on any forum and now I don't see it. We all know that it wasn't something that I screwed up, so I'm not sure what happened to it. Many people are saying that it may have been Antifa, but I am not sure. So, let me see if I can remember all the lies ,er, I mean facts that I wrote and I will try again in about an hour or so.

Fred Z.


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As I was saying,

A bit over 2 years ago, I first rode a FZ07 and fell in love with that engine. After hearing rumors that Yamaha may be using that motor in an adv type bike, I toldmy dealer I wanted one as soon as they were available. I finally got that bike on June 18 and it has been well worth waiting for.

I have had 2 Super Teneres over the last nine years, starting with a PDP 2012 model that I got in July 2011, followed by a 2014 ES in July, 2014. I still have the14 ES and will be keeping it as my long range adventure touring bike. I have had several smaller dual sports over the same time period, using them for shorter adventures and rides that were more dual sport oriented. My last one was a 2014 DR650 that I spent lots of time and money making it perfect for me. Aftermarket suspension components, comfortable Sargent seat, pumper carb, etc, etc resulted in a very fun reliable bike that I thoroughly enjoyed. My goal with my T7 is to make it as comfortable and fun for me as my DR650 was.

Of course the engine is just as much fun with an intoxicating character as I recalled from my test rides on the FS (MT)07's. It has surprised me in how well it pulls from down low on tight, slow going and then pulls very hard and smoothly from there. I am in the second phase of the break in period, where I am supposed to avoid prolonged operation above 6,000 RPM. Of course, short bursts above that are fine and I have done that many times since new. I can already feel the difference in power and smoothness in the 700 miles I have ridden it asnd I just love that engine.

The suspension is not as plush as my aftermarket units on my DR650 and I am working on getting it there. As has been mentioned elsewhere the shock spring is a bit light for many riders. I weigh 180 in street clothes and with my riding gear on, I had to click in 22 turns of preload out of the 26 available to get the desired 60 mm of sag. The stock spring is rated at 70 nm and I first fitted a 85 nm spring from Rally Raid. With it, I only had to go 7 clicks out of 26, but overall it felt too stiff. I will be fitting a 80 nm next, which should be right for me. I have been playing with the damping on the forks and have gotten them more compliant than new and Iwill wait until they wear in some more before I make any changes to the internals.

As for comfort, it looks like Seat Concepts will be the first to offer something more comfortable and I will get their standard height comfort foam and cover kit as soon as it is available. Sargent is also working on a World Sport set for the T7. I have had good luck with one on the DR, but it may be a while before they have one ready. The stock is not terrible, but it not all day comfortable for me.

Other than that, I have installed the Yamaha center stand and it is a wel ldesigned piece of kit that has been very handy in setting sag and other work on the bike. I have installed several wiring harnesses, etc for some of the gadgets I am moving from my DR, such as GPS cable, outlet for heated jacket liner that alsos serves as an input for a trickle charger. I have the Yamaha heated grips, but haven't installed them yet. Interesting that Yamaha USA supplies these with a long harness that goes al the way back to the battery, while in Europe they come with a short harness that plugs into a connector under the right front fairing. That short harness is not available thru Yamaha USA, but Iwas able to get it from a UK dealer who has them on Ebay.

The tires are fine for most surfaces, but don't offer much grip in mud, grass or even damp dirt. I will be repalcing them with something more aggressive when these wear, but I am not sure which to get yet. I loved Dunlop 606 rears on my DR, but they might not last too long on the T7 with its extra power.

My riding has mostly been on very rural back roads with surfaces that range from chip and seal, to gravel and sometimes 2 track dirt and I have enjoyed every mile. As I continue to put miles on it and get it set up to my personal tastes, I beleive it may be one of the most fun bikesI have owned in over 50 years of riding.



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I reposted my review of my first month of ownership of my T7 and I can see it, but it has this message: "This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors". Don't know what's up with that.


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I'm an abnormal visitor and I still don't see it. :)
Loved the review and agree with you about the bike and most of all "I believe it may be one of the most fun bikes I have owned in over 50 years of riding"(y)


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Thanks for your story and experiences, I am a bit jealous of your bike. Still saving up for one, meanwhile I’ll be reading story’s like yours and checking the pictures. Keep them coming Fred!