New Mexico BDR Section 7 Expert Section (Outside Abiquiu, NM): Trip Report


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Quick Summary: Moderately to significantly challenging, readily doable on T7 with / without other rider support.

When: May 6, 2022
Direction: South to north (given the obstacles, this is not the preferred direction)
Number of Riders: Solo
Ride time Bottom to Top: 1.25 hours (last 15-20min are back on hardpack gravel/dirt)
Rider Skill Level: 50 years old, good physical shape, above average riding skillset
Motorcycle Setup: Bare setup (no luggage) on the T7 with the minimum required items + 1.5L water. Ran 22/24lbs on the tires (definitely helpful to do).

General Route:
  • About 15 minutes in the first obstacle is a decently long uphill on fist size loose rock
  • Intermittently there are potentially deep ruts and various rock gardens
  • About 30-40 minutes in is the 'difficult' section you'll find on a number of YouTube vids. Down a ravine with a tight left, shortly followed by a tight right with limited time to pick a good line up over some decent sized rocks and a 7-10" ledge across the middle of the uphill.
  • Following this are some additional obstacles but not overly technical, and the last 15-20min are back on hardpack

  • Knowing how to slip your clutch to maintain controlled consistent traction over uphill obstacles is extremely helpful
  • The trail does spiderweb in places, often rejoining but not always, gpx tracks are important in addition to the paper map
  • I saw no one on this section of the trail, and there is no cell service.
  • The T7 performed well on the tight uphill turns on obstacles, good clearance on the rocks (never bottomed out), well balanced in complex spots.


Good report @wookinpanub
The route sounds exhilarating and fun to attempt. And you didn't fall over so that's nice. I'll be searching for a video on this just to see what it's like.

Have a Great Day!