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My first message here: I've been a 4 year or so member of the Super Tenere forum using the same user name. I've had both the first gen. Super Tenere (2012) and currently own a 2015.

Soooo today went to the Yamaha dealership near me (Lone Star Yamaha) in Irving, Texas. They were the only place for miles around that have a T7 in stock. Same place where I bought my S10 and my father bought his FJR1300 from. I just went to look at and sit on the T7. The salesman highly encouraged me to take a test ride. I rode in on my S10 so I was geared up for it and I did...

I rode it on the service road next to the highway, then on to the highway. I took it up to 83 mph. When exiting the highway I did go to a couple of intersections in which I had to stop and go from traffic lights.

Highly impressed at the responsiveness and pickup of the bike! I had to keep myself from wheelies more than a couple of times! Throttle is highly responsive. I'm more accustomed to my shaft drive. But the T7 wants to take off! In doing so...the front end raises more than any bike I've ridden.
The ECU mapping on the bike in my opinion was perfect! I've had my S10 reflashed, and the stock flash on the T7 is very close to my custom flash. The original flash on the S10 has too much engine braking and flat spots.
One of my main objectives in the test ride was to see how the bike rides above 75 mph. Was also trying to gauge how the bike would ride loaded down with camping gear at 75 mph. My last trip, I was loaded down with 130lbs. in gear. I believe it can do it no problem.
The instrument panel was nice on the bike. Nothing fancy. Black numbers and letters as I'm sure y'all have seen in reviews. It was missing the fuel gauge. It seems like there are several settings available. Panel has 3 different buttons. One was labeled for ABS the other 2 were not labeled so I'm not sure what they did. Not even sure if ABS was on or off on my test ride. There was no indication on the instrument panel. The salesman was messing with the instrument panel/dash before the ride and I did see you can switch to metric. Had either outside temp. or coolant temp. I like the location of the dash. Easy to read and I was able to look at the dash just by moving my eyes and not moving my head.
I didn't mess with the suspension so whatever the dealership had it set to. I am 5' 10" and weigh 165lbs. I have longer legs and can stand flat footed on the S10. The T7 is taller. I could still just about stand flat footed but had to really stretch my legs to do it.
Something interesting for me...this is the first bike in that I don't believe I would like to have handlebar risers! The height and pullback fit me just fine. The handlebars did seem kind of cheap. I think I would replace them. But not a lot of slack on brake or clutch lines and wires didn't have slack. So If one wanted risers or a big change in rise and pullback on the bars....the wires and cables will be a challenge.

I did not have the chance to really test the brakes. Too much traffic. But they felt fine. Nothing to note.

I was impressed with the seat comfort despite the seat being narrow. No grab rails for a passenger and seat gets more narrow for a passenger, so I don't think this is a good bike for a passenger.

I enjoyed the test ride and there is a possibility that a T7 could be in the next couple of years a bike for me. Test rides can be hard to gauge for me. There's this fear in the back of my mind that I'll wreck a bike that's not mine so I hold back some. Also, feel somewhat vulnerable without crash bars on a taller bike. I am not much of an off road rider. I do some. I would probably do a lot more if I had this bike. 3 things I would change....the grips are tiny in diameter. I'd get grip covers right away. I'd like a taller (not by much) windshield and adjustable brackets like the madstad brackets. I didn't have any wind issues but It would be mainly for cold and rain. And as everyone has pointed out....the front and rear turn signals...Yep...... Overall I liked the bike. Hard to say that I was "Wowed!" by it. Right now my S10 is dialed in just right for me as far as farkles and modifications. But the T7 is in the top running for my next bike. I does and has what I like and need. I do want to wait and see what might be next if there will be a next gen. S10. Also, I want to see what changes the T7 will have in the coming years. The salesman said it is one of the most popular bikes right now and several are on order which won't be in until November. Forgot to mention, the bike I tested was the blue color.
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