Photo Rally + Bragan Bog


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Edging the bike 'twards its 1st service and took advantage of very chilly but bright 'n dry morning.
Revisited a Rally point to get a better photo.
A roadside pump and an old Post Office.


From there I headed towards Cullaville.
It's not far and it's in Northern Ireland.
It's a small village about 2 miles outside Crossmaglen situated right on the border with County Monaghan
The townland of Cullaville is actually in County Monaghan and is home to a disused railway station which was a stop on the old Dundalk to Enniskillen line which closed in 1957.
The village displays artefacts from the last century including a blacksmiths anvil, wheels from the local scutch (flax) mill, and a portion of the railway line. The building in the picture housed the mill wheel in times past.
This is a back-road between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The mill and bridge across the river date back to the 1700's


The main road from Castleblayney to Dundalk runs through Cullaville. It's known as “Concession road”.
The mill and bridge across the river date back to the 1700's

When the border was created, motorists going from north to south had to travel on a small number of “approved” roads which had custom posts on them. The many other “unapproved” roads along the border were scouted constantly by custom patrols to stop people from using them.
As the road through Cullaville was part of the main Dublin to Derry road, Southern motorists were allowed to travel on the section that passes through County Armagh provided they did not stop on it or turn off it, hence the name “Concession road”.
As there were no custom posts on this road many locals used it to cross the border even though it was not an “approved” road.
Crossing into the South by an unapproved road was known locally as “jumping the border”.
I 'jumped' back across the border and headed to Bragan Bog close to Monaghan town.


Took the Ténéré along the Bragan Way and even got a wee bit of 'off the beaten track' riding.

Nothing too challenging but this bike gives me options to easily take this sort of diversion when the opportunity arises.
A grand morning ride out.
What a good do!


Thanks for sharing that. I love the Irish landscape and history. And now I know the riding is good too. Good post.

Have a Great Day!