Tenere 700 tyre guide


I installed this on the front. Can't be picky when it comes to getting a new tire. Lucky to get one at all these days and I think it will get worse.


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I would agree.
I ordered a front and rear about 6 weeks ago. Luckily the rear arrived but the front would be delayed until the first of March. Stopped at the shop to see if it had come in and now they are giving mid June as a possible delivery.
Cancelled that one and ordered something else. They say distributor list it as in stock and should be here next week. Distributor also listed the first one as being in stock 6 weeks ago, so we will see how long this one takes.

Now to look around and decide on a 3rd option when this one doesn't arrive.


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Lately it's been 60/40. On road and off. The tires perform awesome on both street and dirt. I chased a BMW S1000R up MT Ashlands twist mountain road. He couldn't believe that I could stay with him on Knobby Tires! Off road they are bad Ass. I can't wait to take them to the Beach! Awesome in Rain and dry pavement!